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I am Lea M. Stiggle- fun chic (at least I like to think so), wearer of ripped jeans and stilettos. Owner, Designer, Innovator, and Creator at E&ICO.  A Midwestern girl, who now lives in the Washington DC Metro area.  A romantic at heart, who pushes the limits of her own creative world and firmly believes that a well designed event or interior space can evoke deep emotion, touch the soul, and elevate the mood of those entering it.

For as long as I can remember I have been designing and reinventing spaces. As a little girl I

would rearrange my Mother's trinkets and knickknacks over and over and beg her to help me redesign my bedroom.......yet again!

As a teenager while some girls were reading romance novels, I was getting lost in Interior Design magazines. I constructed my first piece of furniture at the age of 18 (that apple crate entertainment center was EVERYTHING! if I do say so myself! ) lol

In my previous career, before I "walked into the design light", I was a professional sales diva for over 15 years in the Finance, advertising, and pharmaceutical industries. In spite of there being no creative rainbows and butterflies for me in those roles,  I learned the invaluable art of building collaborative relationships and most importantly listening to a clients needs. I also learned how to hustle and multitask which is crucial to a well executed interior design project and event.

In my off time, I established a  following of friends and family seeking my advice and assistance in all areas of stylish living, from wedding and event planning, flower arranging, entertaining, to home furnishings and interior design. (By the way, you owe me some money ladies!) After many years of being the "go to girl" when it comes to spectacular detailed filled events and spaces, in 2014 my side chic (passion for design) became my main squeeze and full time career, and K&L Events was born. (and later re-launched as E&ICO LLC)

My personal style can best be described as a dash of pretty, mixed with bold and playful, with a modern edge.  I am all about the details, big or small!  I love the planning process, a good checklist, and going above and beyond to help clients plan their perfect event or interior space!  From ones home or their event space, where the most memorable moments of ones life are spent, I’m passionate about the spaces I create. When I am not immersed in designing an interior space or event, or covered in paint from my latest DIY experiment, I spend my days with my amazing husband, (I hit the lottery with this guy!) chasing after my two growing kids, or pumping some iron in the gym! (I am kind of a bad ass!)

Don’t let my weakness for clean lines and ALL things black and white fool you,  I have also been known whip up a killer macrame curtain from time to time! So, I pretty much would like to think I can do it all. Next challenge, tackling that whole space-time continuum thing. lol!!

                        XOXO , Lea

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