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E&ICO Philosophy: Event and Interior Spaces should be as versatile and unique as the people in them. Life is too short for boring!

E&ICO LLC (pronounced E and I Company) is a distinct full service  event and interior design company, creating well curated spaces for our awesome clients' most important events and their interior spaces.  We believe a well styled space is the foundation to creating a truly memorable experience that takes your guests to another place both physically and emotionally.  Whether it is for one of the biggest events in ones life or the space they live or work in each day, we believe in the impact great design can have on a person.  We aim to provide clients a fresh, one of kind design that is unique as they are. We play close attention to a clients fashion sense, their personal interests and even their food preferences. All these things help us to create an event or interior space that is truly uniquely theirs and personal to their specific taste. We know the best designers are the ones who really listen and are able to navigate a client through their many "likes" and "pins" to create a cohesive feel that translates perfectly into a gorgeous space! At E&ICO, we understand crafting the perfect setting takes a lot of patience, organization, planning, uncompromising passion for detail, collaboration and a lot of wine.....oh we mean laughter! :)  We work especially hard to find a balance between desires, expectations, and our client's budget.

At E&ICO we want to be your Design "life partner"! We strive for that forever kind of love with our clients! When it comes to your design needs, E&ICO wants to be the one you cannot live without and makes your dreams come true! The one that really gets your style and has you at "hello!"

However, we understand commitment is scary and great relationships do not just happen! Before we get hitched for life, you may want some courting and dating first! That is why E&ICO offers both event and interior design packages at various price points and assistance levels for those who are needing a little or a lot of help!

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